Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kalo Homes work with me to create a design that’s just right for me?

Yes! It’s one of the things that sets us apart. We have an in-house design team and can tweak an off-the-shelf plan, or create a plan from scratch to suit you and your circumstances.

How much deposit will I need to build a new home?

The amount you’ll need for a deposit varies depending on individual circumstances, but it may be a lot less than you think – and in some cases you won’t need a deposit at all!

Get in touch and our in-house finance team can help you work out exactly how much you’ll need. We offer a free consultation, with no obligations.

Where do you build?

We build all across Darwin and Palmerston, and occasionally a little further down the track. Most commonly we build in the new land releases of Zuccoli Aspire, Zuccoli Village, Mitchell Creek Green, Muirhead, Northcrest and soon Lee Point.

Do I need to have a loan sorted before getting in touch?

Nope. With or without finance, we’re happy to chat.

How do I apply for a home loan?

We have an in-house licensed and accredited broker available to discus finance.

What are the incentives and grants available for first home buyers?

The specific grants vary, but there’s usually something available. At the moment the Federal Government is offering $25,000 with their HomeBuilder grant as part of their coronavirus stimulus. The Northern Territory government offers a first home owner grant of $10,000, in addition to a BuildBonus grant of $20,000 and the ‘Territory home owner discount‘ with up to $18,601 off stamp duty. Furthermore, the various land developers often have their own grants for landscaping and fencing.

These add up to big discounts on building a new home!

What trees are great for landscaping in Darwin and Palmerston?

Great landscaping can can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home, not to mention the cooling effects of shade. But it can be difficult to know what trees are best suited. Are they native? Will they be OK in a cyclone? Happily, City of Darwin has created a wonderful document about what’s great to plant, and what you shouldn’t plant. You can find it here.

What colour roof work best in the Northern Territory?

Choosing a climate-appropriate roof colour is one simple way of making sure your home is as energy efficient and as comfortable as it can be. We build in the tropics, so we’re looking to make the home cooler at all times throughout the year. In Darwin the general rule is pretty simple – the lighter the colour, the better.

By using a light coloured roof (like COLORBOND Surfmist) we can immediately reflect 68% of the sun’s energy, absorbing only 32% into the building. In contrast, if we used a black coloured roof, we would absorb about 96%! By reflecting as much as possible we can use the air conditioner less often, and have a cooler home even when the air conditioner is not in use.

Over the life of your home, something as simple as the colour of your roof can make a big difference to your power bill!

Can I include a solar system?

Yep. We love solar power, and there’s no shortage of sun in Darwin, so the savings really add up! A solar system can pay for itself much faster in Darwin than for our southern counterparts.

How about energy efficiency?

Each home we build is independently assessed for energy efficiency, and we won’t build it unless the home is rated 6-Star or above! We use LED lighting, solar hot water, and energy efficient appliances throughout to keep the building’s operating costs as low as possible.